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Proper eLiquid and Vape Storage

One of the greatest advantages of Logic e-cigarettes is their small and compact size. All our devices are portable, making them ideal for the active vaper. Follow these useful tips to keep your Logic device properly stored and well maintained.

Keep It Upright:
While this tip is not always easy to remember, keeping your e-cigarette upright will greatly enhance its longevity. Each e-cigarette is designed to provide sufficient airflow over the coil. If you keep your device on its side, the e-liquid may travel, flooding the airspace.

Keep Away from Water:
As with all electronic devices, water will short-circuit the internal battery. High levels of humidity will also affect battery life. When humidity is trapped within a device, moisture buildup will likely harm the device’s ability to function. Keep your Logic device away from water to ensure all its internal structures remain dry and working properly.

Keep Away from Heat:
Heat can do all sorts of damage to your vaping device. In terms of the e-liquid, overheating can change the flavor. Just make sure to keep your device at room temperature.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight:
This goes along with the heat protocol. When your e-cigarette is exposed to too much sunlight, the battery cells can overheat, causing your device to lose its ability to hold charge. If you’re going to be outside for prolonged periods of the day, make sure you have a safe place to tuck away your vaping device when it’s not in use.

Taking care of your Logic device starts with simple, good habits. Get into the routine of storing your e-cigarette properly. For more tips on how to care for your Logic device, read up on some of our blogs and guides.