Whether you are new to vaping or an experienced pro, you’ll find all you need to know about the world of vaping below.

Beginner’s Guide to E-Cigs & Vaping

What’s the big deal about vaping, and what is the difference between an e-cig and a vape device? You may have heard the terms "e-cig " and "vape " used interchangeably, and often...

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Vape or E-Cig Device

After investing in a vaping device, you'll want to be sure to take the proper steps to care for it. Cleaning and caring for your vape often is the best way to ensure a long life and maximum enjoyment.

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Differences between E-Cigs and Vaporizers

Vaping is the simple act of inhaling and exhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette or similar device, for example a vaporizer or vape pen...

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Vapeleaf, the Next Evolution in Tobacco Vaping

Using a unique and innovative process, Vapeleaf combines the experience of real tobacco with the ease and convenience of a simple-to-use electronic cigarette.

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4 Must-Know Tips for First-Time Vapers

To help un-complicate your first vape experience, we have created a cheat sheet with a few must-knows for first timers.

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