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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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E-Liquids & Refills

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Vapeleaf Regular Tobacco Caps

Logic Vapeleaf Capsules

  • Only Available in NY, NJ, CT, VA, FL and TX
  • Premium tobacco-filled caps
  • Robust, genuine tobacco flavor
  • No burning, smoke smell or ash
  • Logic Vapeleaf device (sold separately)
27 rating(s)
Logic Pro Tobacco Refill Capsules

Logic Pro 2-Capsule Refill

  • Pre-filled smart capsules
  • Logic Pro Vaporizer (sold separately)
  • Swap flavors at any time
  • Clean & easy integrated coil system
  • Convenient capsules
103 rating(s)
Logic Power Tobacco Cartridge Refill Pack

Power 2-Cartridge Refill

  • Simple, secure twist & lock assembly
  • Strong draw and satisfying vapor
  • Long lasting flavor
  • High-quality e-liquid made in Europe
  • Logic Power device (sold separately)
58 rating(s)




mg/ml nicotine capsules


mg/ml nicotine capsules

Compatible with
Logic Vapeleaf Tobacco Vaporizer

Logic Vapeleaf Device

44 rating(s)
Logic Pro Vaporizer

Logic Pro Vaporizer

114 rating(s)
Logic Power Rechargeable Kit

Logic Power Rechargeable Kit

59 rating(s)